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"Wormwood" is the story of five unsolved murders from London, 1888. The book is richly illustrated and bound in hard-cover. "Wormwood" is a fascinating mixture of fact and fiction, guiding the reader through several thousand years of western mythology and religious history.

  • 4028 A.A.D. A burning sword is forged to guard the way to Eden.
  • 1095 A.D. A crusader learns of an ancient treasure buried in Hebron.
  • 1665 A.D. A ship with a lost treasure docks at London's Dog Island. Some time later a treacherous plague scourges the city streets.
  • 1870 A.D. The strange disappearance of an Earl's dead body.
  • 1888 A.D. Several mutilated bodies are discovered in London's Whitechapel. The murderer seems to choose his victims at random. He is never found. The future would remember him as Jack the Ripper, the archetypal serial killer.