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Alkamar, the village in the moonlight

Here are some commands you may want to try (cut and paste these instructions into the upper window):

// Type expressions:

// Type parentheses:
b=2*(2 - 2)

// Type parentheses inside parentheses:
2*(2-((2+1)/3) - 2)

// Previous result stored in memory as rem:
min (rem, 0.1)

// Use the familiar signs for the basic arithmetic operations: +-*/^

// Use all regular Java functions:
max (a,b)

// And some BigInteger functions:
gcd (8,6)

// And a few homemade functions:
digitSum (factorial(6))

// Built in constants:
A = 2+2
radius = sqrt(A/PI)

// Ask questions:

// List numbers:
:factors (22)

// Turn on the int flag:

// Convert numbers:
$fromRadix(cc, 16)

This form is a casual way to enter a few lines of text and have it processed by the server. Do not use it for a lot of text. (If your browser is Internet Explorer, it will only send the first two thousand characters to the server.)