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Alkamar, the village in the moonlight

This is my Norwegian phonetic encoder, also known as a 'phonetic soundslike'. It is a work in progress, and I plan to tune it against my own writings in the next years.

You are welcome to try it out by typing a few Norwegian words or sentences in the upper window. Press the 'encode' button and ponder the results. (Feedback on the algorithm will always be welcome.)

If you are familiar with a spell checking program named Aspell, and you use it to spell check Norwegian, you may want to click 'Phonetic Encoder' in the left menu, and download the phonetic encoder in the Aspell format.

This form is a casual way to enter a few lines of text and have it processed by the server. Do not use it for a lot of text. (If your browser is Internet Explorer, it will only send the first two thousand characters to the server.)